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"I internalise and work to solutions. Coaching with Louise challenged me to consult more, to seek perspective, remain open-minded and not always have the answers. I should have done this sooner!"


Senior Housing Executive

"During out meetings, I found Louise to be wholly engaged and empathetic. She did not attempt to push solutions on me but through gentle and thoughtful questioning she let resolutions unfold. When a promotion competition occurred in June of that year, I was able to approach it with a more positive attitude and felt I had the resilience to deal with the process itself and its outcome, which I am pleased to say was positive. While the purpose of our sessions was to help me prepare for a forthcoming competition, at my request we continued to meet for a number of weeks thereafter as I found the sessions had a benefit that extended beyond the office, they also helped me rethink some more challenging problems at home." 

Senior Legal Advisor, Public Sector

 "After being an information professional for 20 years, I desperately wanted a change, a colleague advised me to try executive coaching. I had come to a point in my life where I couldn’t find any good reason to stay as I was. I wanted to find out more about my aspirations, my strengths and my prospects. My coach Louise guided me and inspired me to look at my past and future career in a new light. She helped me to increase my self-awareness, self-confidence and help build resilience and capacity to pursue a new occupation. I embarked on a new career in mid-2019 and found the coaching experience invaluable in reaching my potential."


Executive, Industrial Relations


"I took voluntary redundancy from my employer of 20+ years to obtain a new job. I was struggling to find suitable new employment. Coaching sessions with Louise helped me unpick and evaluate different options. I formed a clear plan of actions, to refocus and concentrate on my job search.  They also helped me to stay motivated and avoid too much self-criticism. Each session resulted in a number of actions that were discussed at the following session. I found opening up my worries and concerns was very difficult, but I found in Louise a very empathetic, supportive and confident coach. The coaching sessions struck the right balance between my description of the on-going issues and Louise assisting me to untangle and clearly identify the options available to me. I have learnt a lot about my own resilience and abilities during these sessions. I would like to sincerely thank Louise for her support and patience."    

Senior Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry



"I met Louise so that she could give me some coaching and guidance setting up my business and helping me to clarify what I had in mind. Her coaching style is very relaxed and open, she was great at listening and getting me to focus on a particular area.

I think her coaching is invaluable for anyone who wants to focus on a goal or a project, it often takes someone who is independent of the situation to have a fresh unbiased perspective on things. I would highly recommend Louise to anyone considering a change in career or tackling a new challenge in their lives."

H.R Professional and Company M.D.

I had the privilege of being Chairman of the Board of Scoil Aonghusa Junior for eight years of Louise`s Principalship. She had a positively transformative effect on all aspects of the life of the school. She achieved this through her outstanding leadership and her sustained commitment to supporting, encouraging, and acknowledging the professional development of the teachers and staff employed in the school. In a long career in the public service, I have not encountered anyone who was more successful in transmitting to all the staff the values of excellence and achievement she demonstrated in the discharge of her responsibilities. In doing this, she brought obvious enthusiasm and good humour to her role."

J O' Dwyer - Chairperson of the School Board

and Former Secretary General

Dept. of Health

" Louise coached me during an important time in my career. Her in-depth knowledge of all aspects of education coupled with her insight and wisdom meant she was the perfect coach to support me through a time of major upheaval in both my professional and personal life. Louise is calm and reflective. Her approach and questioning allowed me to assess my values and goals. Working together I was able to discuss my strengths and address areas for development. I left the sessions with greater awareness of myself and others, increased motivation and much more confidence in my own ability and decision making."

Primary School Principal​


"What I valued most about coaching was the opportunity to process day-to-day challenges while focusing on medium and long term goals. Coaching provided an opportunity to reflect on how to be more effective in my role. This gave me a clear-headed sense of purpose to achieve the goals I set for myself. The overall impact of my coaching was that I achieved a more nuanced understanding of workplace dynamics.  I would highly recommend taking up coaching with Moya."

Manager, Not for Profit


"I found coaching with Moya both a positive and beneficial experience. If I had to sum up, in one word, what I got from the coaching it would be clarity. Clarity around the issue and arguably more important clarity on finding solutions. I came away feeling more confident and empowered to tackle a challenging work situation." 

Senior Manager, Higher Education

"Working with Moya as a coach has been a very enriching experience.The work with her helped me understand where I was coming from, career wise, and opened my eyes about where I could go! I uncovered parts of me as a professional and as a person that I had not visited for a long time. Moya's skill to reflect back to her clients contributed to my better understanding of my future career prospects and gave me a new perspective."

Senior Psychologist, Health Services

"One of the most valuable parts was the fact that Moya did not provide answers or direction. By fostering openness and open questioning I was able to reflect on my situation and come up with strategies to manage or solve the issues. After the session I felt a mixture of emotions, but most importantly I felt recharged and ready to make the necessary changes to myself, my work routine, relationship and development. I would highly recommend Moya as a coach."

Senior Manager, Financial Services

"Moya gave me a safe and secure platform to address and resolve issues that had been worrying me. I felt very comfortable and at ease in her presence. Every week I left the session eager to follow through and commit to the process in order to make progress. Today I thank Moya for her listening skills, her guidance and her nurturing way. These have helped me change for the better!

Professional, Education

"Moya coached me through a particularly difficult time at work. I was just back from maternity leave and my confidence was low. A more senior role had come up due to internal movement. I hadn’t interviewed in close to 10 years, wasn’t sure if I would be able for the job and worried how I would balance work and home if I did get it. Moya helped me get clarity and focus, we worked together one goal at a time, taking an holistic view of what was working and what needed to change in my life. My confidence grew through making small, important changes and seeing their impact. I was successful at the interview and was promoted but more importantly I feel I have a voice and a self belief I didn’t have before. I highly recommend Moya as a coach to anyone looking to make changes in any aspect of their life"

Finance Director, Financial Services

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